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Prime NFT is an incubator for NFT and Cryptocurrency releases on the Blockchain. We have expertise in NFT project creation, elaboration and launch with the highest Blockchain standard, providing the best user experience and delivering the best results for our customers. By purchasing our NFT LIZARD PRIME you will be able to resell all services with up to 20% discount. Yes, get started now.

SKY PRIME is a Brazilian Agency with all structure and foundations based on the NORTH AMERICAN model. We bring a unique experience, with methodologies applied by the largest marketing agencies in the world, with the best results for your company, products and services. Through your NFT LIZARD PRIME you will also have an exclusive franchise on WEB 2.0, having all the services of the traditional market with 20% discount, don’t waste time and start your business now.

Have you ever thought about acquiring a course and then being able to sell it, recovering part of the investment or even making a profit? With lizard’s NFT you will have access to specific courses, discounts with partnerships, in addition to being able to sell exclusive courses and stay on top of the entire market that STUDO provides you. Exclusive benefits for LIZARD holders for creating courses within the platform.

Real asset tokenization platform for the WEB3.0 digital world.
You can earn money by reselling products and registering new assets. Earning from the trades created on the platform. Whoever owns LIZARD’s NFT will have an exclusive 1-year license to trade and earn within the platform.

About Lizard Prime and our community:

LIZARD PRIME was born as the first NFT entrepreneurship project in the world, connecting WEB 3.0 with the whole society, developed by PRIME NFT in partnership with WEB 3 FAST we incorporated unique services with STUDO, in addition to bringing numerous benefits that include the Marketplace, License Exclusive and Exclusive Representative of LIZARD PRIME.

The first 500 NFTs exclusive to 9003, and with special rarities

Advantages & Benefits

Discount on Lizard brand products
2% earmarked for social action

Exclusive events, etc

Guaranteed access to WL from the new collection

Infinity Stones

There will be 7 exclusive stones distributed in 7 NFT’S of the Lizard collection

Whoever manages to acquire the 7 gems will receive:

Cumulative prize starting at 10,000 USD

1% of the collection’s revenue will be allocated to the cumulative prize until a winner emerges



A baby lizard lost its parents, escaping from a criminal fire in the woods. After adult, faced many obstacles until turned into the humanoid Lizard. Now his purpose is to inspire people in building a better world, through a metanoia.


Somewhere in Brasil, during a criminal fire in the woods, hundreds of animals were forced to fight for surviving.

Trying to escape from the fire, a family of Lizards left their habitat. During the escape, one of the babies, very curious, got away from the rest of his family, and walking around without direction, was captured for animal traffickers and taken to a captivity. Though the lizard didn´t know, the other part of his family died on the fire.

Months later, when everything seemed to be lost to him, managed to run away and hide in woods. In the darkness, he felt the fear of being alone in the world. At raised the head, the lizard saw a shine that was coming from heaven, like a fallen star. Guided by its light, he ventured to follow it until he found a shelter in the valley where the flash touched the ground in the form of a meteorite. He gets consciousness, strength, little-known abilities, and humanoid mutation.

The lizard that now looks like a fierce warrior did one of the most difficult choices of his life. Controlling the desires of revenge the evils that humans had done to him, he chose to believe in the hope that people can change. Driven by a new instinct, Lizard became to interact with people and experience the potential and human ills around the world. Using the new abilities, has been in countries on many continents, getting in touch with the best and worst that people have to offer, and as a result established the core of Lizard mindset: The past cannot be changed, but the future is being built now.

Bigger than the desire of coming back to the moment when he saw his family for the last time, or the days before the fire, or understanding what happened to him in that shelter, is the assurance that Lizard has a purpose that is now part of his life. Lizard is part of a transformation able to inspire people to make the world a better place, through a true metanoia: Changes in behavior and mindset.



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